Sochi hosted an international conference of rescuers

From March 4 to March 5 in Sochi, on the territory of the Southern Regional Search and Rescue Unit of EMERCOM, an international conference of rescuers “Search and Rescue Service of the MES of Russia at the Present Stage and Further Development of Rescue Operations in the Mountains and at Sea” was held. Representatives of rescue and fire units from Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Finland, Belarus, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, as well as representatives of the Russian-Armenian Center of Humanitarian Response and the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center participated in the conference.
Within the framework of the conference, a demonstration training was held to eliminate the consequences of the earthquake: the evacuation of people from damaged buildings, the landing of rescuers and cynological crew from a helicopter, the search for victims and their release. RACHR representatives discussed issues of interaction and further cooperation.