Training program “Emergency rescue operations in the rubble”

On July 24, in the RACHR began training specialists of the rescue service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia on the advanced training program “Conducting emergency rescue operations in rubble, destroyed buildings and structures”.
Rescuers will have to get acquainted with the basics of INSARAG methodology in the field of urban search and rescue. The training will cover the topics of the use of unmanned aircraft systems, specialized means of communication, emergency rescue tools and equipment.
The practical part of the training will take place on the territory of the Center in a new training complex, which consists of several modules aimed at carrying out a large range of tasks, including: working with an emergency rescue tool in cramped conditions, the work of firefighters and gas and smoke protectors, imitation of an emergency situation in a fuel and lubricants warehouse, an improved training complex for working at altitude with the use of rope access and much more.
The complex, unique for our region, has great prospects, it is the basis for professional development for both beginners and professionals. This complex will help to keep working knowledge and skills up to date and improve the level of training in the South Caucasus region, the Middle East and other countries.