Preparation of the course “Technologies for conducting emergency rescue programs in case of road accidents”

The administration of the Russian-Armenian Center of Humanitarian Response decided to expand the geography of training programs with specialists from the rescue service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia in 2022.
“To conduct classes in remote divisions, we are developing trainings taking into account the training process with rescuers on duty shifts without interrupting them from their main tasks, and we are also preparing multifunctional mobile simulators for practicing skills directly on the territory of the fire and rescue squad”, – shared the chief specialist for training and advanced training Igor Shestakov.
At the end of February, one of such visits is planned in Vanadzor, Lori Province, where trainings will be held under the programs: “Technologies for conducting rescue operations in case of road accidents” and “Exploitation and maintenance of emergency equipment”.
In the future, these events will become permanent, ensuring the high professionalism and readiness of the rescuers of the MES of Armenia for any tests.