An earthquake is an earth tremor and vibration of the earth’s surface, resulting from sudden displacements and ruptures in the earth’s crust or upper mantle and transmitted over long distances in the form of elastic vibrations. The point in the earth’s crust from which seismic waves radiate is called the hypocenter of an earthquake. The place on the earth’s surface above the hypocenter of an earthquake at the shortest distance is called the epicenter.



















The intensity of an earthquake is estimated on a 12-point seismic scale; magnitude is used for the energy classification of earthquakes. Conventionally, earthquakes are divided into weak (1-4 points), strong (5-7 points) and destructive (8 or more points).
If an earthquake caught you indoors, try to leave as soon as possible and be outside, preferably away from buildings.
When it is impossible to get out of the house for some reason, take cover under a table or under a bed, or stand in a doorway, in the corner that is formed by the main walls.















– Stay away from windows, they may not be able to withstand the vibration and you may be injured by broken glass.
– Do not use elevators, they can fail at any time, and you can get stuck in them.
– Do not use matches, candles and lighters, as an explosion may occur due to gas leakage from destroyed and damaged communications.
– If an earthquake catches you outdoors, stay away from houses, power lines, and generally from any fragile buildings that can collapse.
– Do not take cover in basements, underground passages and tunnels. Roofs may collapse.

















If you are stuck:
Don’t waste your energy on panic. Without water and food, you can hold out for a long time, but the first condition is firmness of spirit.
– Try to determine where you are, if there are other people nearby: listen, give a voice.
– Remember that you can’t light a fire, that there is water in your toilet bowl, that pipes and batteries are an opportunity to signal yourself. Look for clothes and blankets.
– Hope for help and fight for your life yourself.


Created based on materials from the official Internet portal EMERCOM of the Russian Federation