Child safety during the holidays

Domestic injuries are the most common, and the reason for it in most cases is the carelessness of parents, who not only leave the child unattended, but also leave objects dangerous for the child in accessible places, do not close windows, etc. Leaving the child alone at home, you need to teach him to independently determine the degree of danger. Tell the children that you can burn yourself with matches and an iron, cut yourself with a knife, and scald yourself with boiling water.

Of all kinds of injuries, street transport is one of the most dangerous. The child must know and follow the rules of the road. To avoid accidents, children should be taught to walk on sidewalks facing vehicular traffic. Older children need to be taught to look after the younger ones. When transporting a child in a car, you must use a special seat and seat belts, the child must be seated at the back right.

Make sure your child is visible on the road at night

To make the child visible on the road, it is necessary to use reflective elements on clothing. Reflective elements are suitable for these purposes: stickers, flicker lights, flicker bracelets. The most noticeable are white or lemon yellow flickers. To make the child visible even from afar, it is recommended to place reflective elements on outerwear from all sides, including on the sleeves.

Must cover electrical outlets

Children can be seriously injured by sticking fingers or objects into electrical outlets. They must be covered to prevent electric shock. Electric wires should be out of the reach of children – exposed wires are especially dangerous for them.

Water safety should not be forgotten

Dear parents, do not let children go to water bodies without adult accompaniment.

Show your kids how to live safely

It is also very important for adults to conduct themselves correctly in all situations, demonstrating to children a safe lifestyle.

Be sure to tell your child about emergency numbers,

by calling which a child in a difficult situation will be oriented by a rescue service specialist about further correct actions. Such a list of telephones should be in a prominent place in the house. Better yet, memorize the phones – rescue service – 911.

Created based on materials from the official Internet portal EMERCOM of the Russian Federation